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Hi! I am Sandeep (pronounced Sun-deep). I work at Coherence on multiplayer magic. I am a self taught programmer and I take pride in the multiple delivered projects I have worked on and the teams I have worked with. I studied Physics in college but then making games caught my fancy. I dabbled in making games in C++, then python and then finally in HTML5/Javascript, selling a few games in the HTML5 games market. I worked with Supersike Games for two years, completed a multitude of projects and learnt many a new tech, including Cocos2d-x, Fullstack Dev, Unity and React Native. I spend my time delving into programming texts and consider myself a 'forever student', eager to learn new tech stacks everyday.

I also play the piano and the guitar and am trained in Carnatic classical singing. Even though I cannot sing to save my life anymore, I can help you appreciate the music.

I am a self effacing Lisp and Emacs nerd and I would eventually get you to use Emacs if you spend some time with me.

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