Sandeep Nambiar

Lead Software Engineer


Unity, React, React Native, Meteor, NodeJs, Python, Golang  and C# full stack self taught developer with over 9 years of experience in making games and apps, and skills to learn new tech, languages, and frameworks very quickly.

Javascript, C#, C++, Node, Golang, React, React Native, Unity, Phaser, Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d-Js.


Coherence  / Software Engineer


Unity based network engine development along a backend server written in golang.  Working  on load balancing, editor tools, build workflows and performance upgrades.

Added WebGL support for the networking tool integrating WebRTC on the server.

Multithreading improvements to the golang server, massively multithreaded data pipeline, gaining over two orders of magnitude of performance.

Implemented multi-scene setup in Unity as part of the SDK to test networking without making builds.

Orchestrated CI/CD to conduct end to end integration tests for networked game scenarios with the client SDK and backend server.

Overhauled and improved reliability optimizations for the UDP transport layer in the networking engine.

Used R-tree based spatial partitioning to improve bandwidth and data transfer over the network, implementing area of interests per network client.

Ported the Unity SDK for use in a pure golang and C# environment, abstracting away the Unity dependence for future code reuse in different game engines.

Helped grow the team from about 5 people to 20 in a fully remote environment.

LiveLike  / Lead Dev


VR development including multiple core features and implementation of a cleaner software paradigm across the codebase based on ReactiveX and Redux. Ported redux state management  from javascript to C#.

Helped grow the India team from 4 to about 30, including conducting interviews, training and coordination, leading teams of 4-12 engineers.

Delivered multiple client applications on multiple platforms through tight deadlines like Fox Sports VR , Webedia and Roland Garros for global events like the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the French Open.

Created the MVP application frontend for the Engagement SDK using both React Native and Android SDK.

Worked on managing and extending the React JS based frontend of the producer dashboard of the Engagement SDK.

Supersike Games / Lead Dev


Lead the tech and design of two titles - One More Pass and One More Run.

Designed and implemented application platforms for multiple client projects like Sesame Workshop India’s sanitation and education projects with native apps, web backend and front end and over 20 localized games. This included front-end applications to collate data, multiple games built into the experience for children and a backend and CMS for the administrators and researchers.

Built a mobile application and backend for exchanging women’s fashion.

Designed and built a secure streaming music player called JoomBox.

Created a fun cricket betting platform, with a frontend app, backend and dashboard called Gamebaaz.

Freelance Work

Battle Dream - a competitive play to win app with i18n to support customers in multiple countries. Implemented a serverless backend with Firebase and GCP, frontend based on React, including a dashboard for admin tasks.

Created and managed a virtual events platform for 360x World  with configurable panoramas, live chat, user roles and various interactive elements. Built to scale to 250K users with a serverless aws backend. With just a few clicks, you have a completely new event ready to be served to users. Used for hosting over 10 events in 2020-21 with over 100K guests.

Integrated and setup auth flows for the Holler app.

Created an event management application backend, frontend and native app along with a custom native app generation framework for the same using React and MERN stack.

Lead the development of  MG Hector’s Car Configurator in HTML5/JS.

Share Mirror - a web app that posts custom pictures to twitter, built as part of a social event using WebRTC.

Personal Projects

Fate Game Engine  (Work in Progress) - a simple game engine based on data oriented design based on ecs written in C++ with eventual goal of being cross platform and performant.

LispDotNet (Work in Progress) - A lisp interpreter in C#.

Multiplayer Game - with an authoritative server, client side prediction and a custom multiplayer stack inside Unity, built in two days as part of Global Game Jam 2019.

Maze Generation Game - top down built as part of a 48 hour game jam with procedurally generated levels.

Sokoban - A data driven approach to building the classic puzzle game with the UI and graphics responding to a core graphics independent game logic.

Voice Recognition and VR Game - entry for Global Game Jam 2017 with on device word recognition as part of an adventure VR game.

Why you should make pong? -> A talk at the NASSCOM Game Developers Conference, Hyderabad, 2017 about the importance of starting small to learn faster.


St Stephens College / B.Sc(H) Physics

AUGUST 2010 - JULY 2013,  DELHI

Lead the Astronomy Club,  Electronics Society and the Quiz society as President, Vice President respectively. Also organized and managed the National Science Fest.